Josiah Roche

Digital Marketing Consultant

Skip the guesswork and the trial-and-error of figuring out everything yourself. You’re only a few clicks away from getting the firepower of an in-house CMO − at a fraction of the cost.

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It’s like hiring an in-house CMO, but at a fraction of the cost.

Marketing is a problem area for a lot of businesses out there. Everything thinks they can do it. Many attempt and fail before reaching out for help. Yet, when businesses DO reach out for help, they hire freelancers out there who claim they’re experts. Consequently, businesses oftentimes get burned by these charlatans. It’s a sad reality but it happens all the time. If you’re a 6-9-figure business owner and this sounds like you, please feel free to reach out. You’re only a few clicks away from getting the help you deserve. Here’s what I can help you with:

Talent Acquisition & Hiring

I work with CEOs to find talent in marketing. Finding A-Players is difficult, but I have a knack for finding those who are motivated to work on their own.

Managing Marketing Teams

I’m really skilled at managing people. I’ve lead over 300 employees across 15 different organisations and I know what it feels like to be that person in charge.

Annual Marketing Plans

I help 7-9 figure companies and solo CEOs plan out their marketing strategies. I do this by mapping out a plan according to their objectives.

I’ve helped brands build out over 130+ funnels and websites focused on direct response marketing to increase sales. I’m incredibly passionate about this.

I started my career in Journalism, having published over 1,000 articles. I help brands pivot their strategies, and manage SEO & SMM teams.

As a certified Google ads professional (Search, Display, Apps), I’ve helped brands manage over $4million in ad spend in the past few years.

Schedule Free Call

For new contacts only, I’m giving away a free 15-minute consult. Literally ask me anything related to your project and provide you guidance on how to navigate your current situation and any recommendations you can implement NOW.

What is a digital marketing consultant?

A digital marketing consultant will provide valuable counsel on how to set up your company’s website, create a social media presence, and generate valuable content to optimise the entire customer journey. They will also be able to help you measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Mohamed Elerman

Josiah and his team at JRR Marketing are excellent writers, and they're very collaborative. He (Josiah) helped me by jumping onto a time-sensitive project, and we were able to get

Andrew Kimber

Josiah knew exactly what we needed and wanted in a new website. Besides web design, he is also a digital marketing expert that made him an invaluable asset during the

Kathy Owen

Josiah is friendly and approachable. He does not use condescending language that makes you feel ignorant. I have found him helpful and responsive when I needed his expert SEO services

Stephan Benchetrit

I am very happy with the service I received by Josiah. He is very professional and friendly. He has identified all the issues I had and fixed them. I highly

Andrew Thomas

I had the pleasure of working with Josiah to develop my website idea and launch strategy. Josiah did a great job of understanding what I wanted and then building it

Brian Mclver

Josiah is a visionary, with strong beliefs about how the future landscapes of marketing, mobile friendly web design, journalism and social media should and will converge. I can attest to

Gemma Clement

Josiah is prompt and helpful, responding and communicating quickly and effectively. Am impressed with his SEO services, communication and delivery of the project I am engaging him for. Overall, I

Marinela Gourma

We couldn't be happier with our new website! It's so much easier to use and maintain, and it has a lot of new features. Our clients keep complimenting on the

Jerome Syed

Josiah did as he said he will. Communication was TOP notch. Gave me excellent tips and didn’t really miss any step that will require me to waste more time. He

Here's a few local brands I've helped outside of my day-to-day clients.

I’ve been working as a marketing professional for a while now and I’m loving every moment of it. I’ve come a long way from helping small local businesses to now aiding empires in fixing their marketing problems. I still take on certain projects with small-scale budgets because I enjoy helping passionate people succeed with their visions of a better world. I offer the kind of guidance I wish I had when I first started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 A good digital marketing consultant will go further to reinvent your business, and turn stale traffic into profitable customers. Measuring ROI every step of the way.


Both! I work with people based on their attitudes and how serious they are about growing their business. I know that you’ve invested a lot of time, money and resources into your business. And now is the time to reap the rewards. I’ll work with you to create a tailored plan for success that will help you achieve your goals.