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Marketing Blog with JRR Marketing

JRR Marketing writes business, SEO, and web design blog articles to help locals increase net revenue and website traffic numbers. Other useful blogs include Neil Patel’s blog, and Backlinko which are really useful blogs.

The Team Behind JRR Marketing

We pride ourselves on a client-focused approach, making high-performing websites available to anyone, even those who usually find tech confusing and stressful. You can reach out for a consultation with Josiah on this website, or talk to him about this portfolio on LinkedIn here.

Marketing Strategist


Josiah will be working on your entire marketing strategy. He’ll also oversee the design, development, and advertising of your brand to scale your revenue.

Head of Web Design


With Jan’s passionate vision for the design of our web projects, our clients have been overwhelmingly delighted by the amazing aesthetic appeal of our work.

Web Designer


Our robust fire-starter that comes in guns-blazing. Yen is a powerful asset to our team as an incredible web designer with skills you wouldn’t believe.

Google Ads Specialist


The man behind the mask. Naveen builds out highly profitable Google Ads campaigns that take businesses from five to 8-figures. He works closely with Josiah to grow your business beyond belief.


Our very own SEO tactician that crafts amazingly lucrative SEO Campaigns that take your business from invisible, to first page of Google search results (SERP). Allen is a diamond in the rough.

Executive Assistant


Ahad is one of the first people you’ll meet. His extreme attention to detail, and amazing people skills make him one of JRR’s best team players. Clients love him, and we’re sure you will too!