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5 Effective Ways You Can Lower Bounce Rate for Your Website

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Josiah Roche

Josiah Roche

Digital Marketing Consultant

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In technical terms, a bounce is a single-page web session that occurs when a user visits your site and leaves immediately without staying to view any other pages. Calculated by dividing the number of single-page sessions by all sessions, a high bounce rate indicates that many users are deciding your site isn’t worth browsing. 

Learning how to work around your bounce rate with the help of a web design consultant will help you create better strategies to improve audience retention. Here is a short guide on utilising bounce rates for your site.

What Does High Bounce Rate Mean?

You might be thinking – if bounce rates show how many people are viewing your site, then why is a high rate a red flag? It’s simple:

A high bounce rate means that viewers aren’t actually exploring your site. They are merely landing on a page and then leaving before they can see what you have to offer. Having a high bounce rate can be bad news for your website. You want visitors to keep reading your copy, viewing your services, and ultimately, converting into customers.

If you find that you have a significantly high bounce rate, don’t fret. There are many effective ways you can change this.

Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Create a Navigable Website

One reason why people don’t stay too long on your website would be that your interface is too cluttered. When creating your website, web design consultants often recommend incorporating link trees and navigation buttons that make sense to the viewer.

When the learning curve for your website navigation is high, the audience is more likely to give up on it. This is especially important if you have a lot of content for viewers to sift through.

Whether organising internal links or link building for other websites, having a clear pathway is key to user retention.

Make Your CTA Easy to Find

Put your call to action (CTA) at the forefront of your website! If you want your viewers to do something specific, create CTA buttons that will encourage web visitors to do exactly what you want them to do.

This may include signing up for your newsletter, getting a free trial of your services, and viewing newly-released or discounted products you might offer. Make sure your CTA buttons are the first thing viewers see, or at the very least, somewhere easy to pick up.

Generate Quality Website Copy

In digital marketing, quality is everything. When you create your website copy, it has to be readable. Consider your audience and think about whether your copy is understandable enough for them. If you work in industries that deal with a lot of technical terms, choose words that won’t overwhelm the readers.

When generating the content, consider how they fall under SEO guidelines. When you use SEO tools, there is a higher chance for more people to find your website.

Design is Important

A majority of the digital population appreciates visuals. Every design decision you make on your website will contribute to your reader’s decision to stay and explore, or leave.

Don’t underestimate any small details. Choosing website typography, colours and spacing all make up the overall design of the website. You might also consider whether these design choices translate well over mobile optimisation, which is a must in this digital age.


Optimising your website to reduce its bounce rate will help you deliver your marketing messages over this platform. When you have a well-thought design, your audience will recognise and appreciate it.

I’m Josiah, a web design consultant helping brands transform their sites into lead conversion machines. If you’re looking to reach your audience more effectively than ever before, set up a free no-obligation consultation with me today.

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