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3 Ways to Drive Internet Traffic to Your Business Website

Josiah Roche

Josiah Roche

Digital Marketing Consultant

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When you have a website, the most important thing to do is drive internet traffic to it, or else you’re missing out on major opportunities. However, small businesses don’t have a good enough budget to run massive marketing campaigns. Of course, even with limited funds, you’d still want to have a good return on your investment.

The truth is that websites are companies’ business cards in the current digital scene. But the actual value of a site is how well it can engage customers and help the business gain conversions. So your website’s role is to process transactions and turn prospects into customers.

However, you can’t possibly do that if your website does not drive internet traffic. So you’ll need to begin with that and continuously work on improving it. Lucky you, we’ve compiled a list of simple, effective and affordable ways to drive traffic to your site:

1. Create a Business Profile on GMB and Bing Places

People always look for companies on business directories like Google My Business (GMB) and Bing Places. That is an effective way to optimise your site and drive internet traffic to it. Most importantly, GMB and Bing Places are the most relevant business directories right now, so you’ll have better chances of appearing on search results when customers look for location-specific queries.

Registering your company on both GMB and Bing Places is a short and straightforward process. Just make sure you add the correct and updated information about your company on the business listing, including a physical address. 

Business directories help small businesses in two ways: first, they strengthen your online presence, improve relevancy and promote a better ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs); secondly, you can leverage the traffic on business directories to boost your site.

2. Post Quality Content

Content is a crucial part of effective online marketing. For your website to drive internet traffic from all web sources and referrals like social media and search engines, you need to publish high-quality content. 

There are three media to use in content publishing: text, visuals (image and video), and audio. If you want to optimise your site for traffic, you’ll need to utilise all three. 

Some of the web’s highest-performing content are articles or blog content, informative or entertaining videos, infographics, podcasts and eBooks. Take note of them the next time you publish content on your site. 

3. Begin a Link-Building Campaign

Link-building is the process of creating a network of links to your web pages from other websites. Also called backlinks, it is generally very effective in generating interest in your site, especially when you tie actual business activities between one site and yours. 

For instance, guests contributing articles to high-traffic websites with the same audience demographics is purely intelligent marketing. That backlink is crucial because of its benefits, and it works in more than one way. First, it promotes content to an audience that is already interested in the topic and will most likely link to it; secondly, it builds relationships with other brands; thirdly, it mentions your site on other pages outside of your own. 

Backlinking can also be in the form of a testimonial by a loyal customer, a referral by an authoritative source and a review by trusted brands. However, you use backlinking, make sure it’s smartly done. 

Drive Internet Traffic Conclusion

You may use these three ways to drive internet traffic to your website effectively and improve it with time. In fact, a marketing campaign is always more effective when you use a combination of more than two tactics. Using these three together will help to drive internet traffic to your website and ultimately increase your sales. 

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