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4 Reasons Website Design Is Important for Traffic

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Josiah Roche

Josiah Roche

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Website Design is a key component for any business to connect with customers. They help companies grow by letting them maintain a strong online presence, attract qualified leads, build brand awareness, and generate conversions. If your business has a website, you’re on the right track to scaling your growth. However, it doesn’t stop there because you need to check if your website is getting traction with visitors. 

To know if your website is performing well, it must have high traffic numbers, increased conversion rates, and an increased number of visits. If none of these applies to your business’s website, you need to re-evaluate its overall website design, functionality, and SEO. You probably also need to change your website’s format, content, or structure to be in line with Google’s standards. 

If you happen to run a website that does not give you quality results, here are some of the reasons why:

Reason #1: Your Website Has a Slow Loading Time

The number one reason your visitor is not engaging with your website is because of the slow loading time. Remember, most people have a limited attention span. If your website is too slow to function, they will probably exit your page and look for another website that gives them a better user experience—most likely your competitors’. You must optimise your website’s speed so that you can gain traffic and conversions. If it’s too slow, you need it redesigned right away because the faster your website loads, the higher the chance that people will stay and convert.

Reason #2: Your Website Has a Hard Navigation System

Always remember that the goal is to provide your visitor with convenience and an excellent experience. If your website has a complicated and confusing structure, it will only frustrate your website visitors. In the end, they will leave, and you will lose another potential sale. 

Make it a point to make your website easy to navigate to enhance user experience. Enhancing your website design and navigation will hit two birds with one stone: a higher chance of converting users into customers, and improving search results on Google. 

Reason #3: Your Website Has a Record of High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is a negative implication that your website is not good enough for your visitors. Bounce rate refers to the number of people who come to a page on your site but exit without visiting any other page. Your website’s content may not be interesting and valuable for them. If this is the case, you might need to review the information written on your website and ensure that it is aligned with the needs and interests of your potential customers. 

Reason #4: Your Website Is Not Updated

If your website is falling behind the trend, your visitors may lead to the impression that you are not hands-on with the business. An updated website can build your business’s credibility and your customer’s trust. Ensure that your website design can wow visitors to give them the impression that you care about design and usability.

Website Design Conclusion

In general, your website should be one of your top priorities in your marketing strategy. You cannot increase the traffic to your website if you don’t provide visitors with an excellent website design and user experience. More so, your website will affect your SEO rankings, so you need to make sure that it is of high quality so that Google can index it easily. 

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