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Look How This Brisbane Cleaner Boosted Their Leads By 26% using Cleaning Company Marketing

As a new business, H2Ozone was also struggling to find ways of building trust with potential clients.

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Cleaning Company Marketing Results

The website launch has been such a success that the client is already considering adding new services. Our client has proven to be a company that can consistently deliver quality work. The results have been nothing short of amazing. In just a month, H2Ozone has already seen a 26% spike in conversion rates. Plus, the number of 5-star client reviews has increased by 75%.

Client Profile

Our client is a great example of a company that prides themselves on sustainability and innovation. They've been able to use their natural, eco-friendly cleaning products to create an earth-friendly business that customers love. H2Ozone's first website was definitely lacking in lead generation and sales opportunities. They learned from the mistakes they made and created a better website with us.

The Challenge

When the client came to me for help, they had a very clear vision of their challenges and their goals. They knew where they stood and where they wanted to go. They just needed my help to get there.

Firstly, they knew that they were one of the few environmentally friendly actors in Brisbane’s cleaning industry. While other cleaning companies use chemical-infused solutions, H2Ozone is different. They use natural products for the health of customers and the planet. This was one of their major unique selling points (USPs) that set them apart from their competition. As a result, they wanted a website that actually highlighted that.

They also knew that they had some work to do to build trust and credibility. Their evidence-based cleaning approach had heeded excellent results in the past. No matter how tough the job, they always found a way to get it done. So, they asked me to find a creative way of showcasing their stellar reputation on the site so users could see it.

Finally, they weren’t happy with the number of conversions they were getting from their existing site. The problem? They didn’t know how to take their conversion rate to the next level. But I did.

The main goals of this project were to:

• Emphasise the eco-friendly USP to distinguish the brand from competitors,
• Establish trust and boost credibility, and
• Quantify the company’s value proposition to increase conversion rates.

Our Solution

It was time for customers to see my client as one of the leaders in eco-friendly Brisbane cleaning services. It was time for them to see the unique value they were offering that their competitors weren’t. To do that, I had to make the messaging clear and cohesive on the website. Across the website, I found creative ways of highlighting the eco-friendly USP. I used the terms “eco-friendly,” “environmentally-friendly,” and “natural” in the web copy. I also created a benefits table for the home page. It showcased the benefits of their products that standard cleaning products didn’t have. Some of these criteria included: eco-friendly, sustainable, and chemical-free.

Next, I needed to increase their trust and credibility levels. I started by swapping out stock photography on their website with the company’s own images. I included photos of my client’s staff using their products and their high-quality results. Doing so would allow customers to see the company’s exceptional past performance. As the expression goes: the proof is in the pudding. By providing proof of the brand’s quality, customers would feel more trusting of their expertise. I also created a designated section breaking down the step-by-step cleaning process. By explaining the science and research behind the method, users would have a higher level of trust that the services are effective.

Last but not least, my client was keen to boost their conversion rate. To help them do that, I suggested creating a promotional offer that would entice users to buy their services. We decided that the offer would be a free bathroom clean for the first 29 customers of each month. My team included call-to-action (CTA) buttons across the site highlighting this deal. We also included the value of the offer ($120) to make users feel like they would be getting a great bargain. Finally, I made sure to mention that the offer was only available for a limited time, creating a sense of urgency.

The Payoff

The results of my web design client’s new website have been exceptional. The client has seen an incredible spike in conversion rates by 26%. In fact, in the month following its launch, the 29 complimentary bathroom cleanings were booked up in less than a week!

The number of 5-star client reviews has also increased by 75%. Many of these new testimonials mentioned eco-friendly practices and industry knowledge. We saw a 164% increase in the traffic coming to the website. And now the website is found on Google, with SERP keywords boosted by 52% in the first 90 days.

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