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How Conveyancing Law Firm Marketing Boosted a Local Law Firm's Case Leads By 14% In 10 Days

When deciding to launch her business, Helen knew she needed to start her journey on the right foot.

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Conveyancing Law Firm Marketing Results

Not only is the new website a success, but it also has been an excellent way to attract new customers. In its first quarter, the site has seen a 76% increase in clicks, and a 22% increase in CTR. It's intuitive, responsive, and beautiful - what more could people want? In just a couple of months, the lawyer's website had seen an increase of 14% in organic leads and 33% increase in Google reviews!

Client Profile

Conveyancing Exchange is run by a licensed conveyancer, Helen Polemis. She provides expert law services from her offices based in the heart of Newcastle’s east end. Conveyancing Exchange provide a full range of legal advice including: wills, property transactions, settlements, powers of attorney and much more.

The Challenge

With years of conveyancing experience, Helen finally decided it was time to go out on her own. Led by her passion for helping people buy and sell their homes, she founded Conveyancing Exchange. While her new venture opened up a new world of possibilities, Helen was starting from scratch. That meant that she needed help creating a strong online presence for her new brand. She needed a website that was effective in its design, its navigation, and its maintenance. She needed a high-quality platform that would give her competitors a run for their money. She needed the perfect launchpad for her new company.

That’s where I came in. The main goals of this project were to:

• Create an eye-catching, intuitive, and responsive web design,
• Highlight the company’s USPs in the web copy, and
• Integrate a simple and easy-to-update content management system (CMS).

Our Solution

Helen’s needs were clear – and so was my plan to make her vision a reality. I started by choosing the best website builder for Helen’s website. I landed on WordPress for its wide range of flexible templates and its excellent SEO capabilities. From there, I selected the template best suited to Helen’s needs and objectives for the site. I then edited the sections of the site, creating a design that was both striking and effective. My team also ensured that the website was 100% responsive. Such responsiveness guaranteed that the site would work equally well no matter the screen size or orientation of the user’s device.

This high-performing website matched the quality of Helen’s major competitors – and even surpassed some of them. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted users to know that Conveyancing Exchange wasn’t just a great option, it was the best option. To help her stand out against the competition even more, I worked with Helen to identify her unique selling points (USPs). Some of these included: time-saving strategies, hassle-free service, and ongoing support. I included mentions of these USPs in the web copy across all web pages to emphasise them to potential clients.

Finally, as a small business owner, Helen’s team was relatively small. She was going to be doing most of the website management and maintenance herself. That said, she was admittedly less than tech-savvy. As a small business owner myself, I completely got where she was coming from – and I knew how to help. I made sure that the WordPress template I chose for her site was one of the most intuitive and adaptable options available. I also walked her through the platform, showing her how to update and reconfigure the sections as needed.

The Payoff

Conveyancing Exchange burst onto the online scene with a website that was as excellent and effective as could be. Intuitive, responsive, and beautiful, the site had everything Helen had been hoping for. Its efficacy didn’t go unnoticed by customers, either. In its first quarter, the site has an increase of 76% in clicks, and a 22% increase in CTR.

A couple of months after launch, Helen also reported back to me that she had updated certain sections on the website. She said the process was seamless and stress-free thanks to the CMS my team selected. The law firm reported an increase in organic 14% leads, and a 33% increase in Google Reviews.

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