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Discover How This Household Name Skyrocketed Leads By 4000% with Course Provider Marketing

I am really excited to partner with First Aid Pro as their outsourced marketing consultant because they are a household name in Australia.

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This project was both long and challenging but a lot of fun. With the help of my team, we were able to partner with First Aid Pro to help them rebrand their websites and market their brand to the masses. I consulted the client in running specialised SEO, CRO, and PPC campaigns through Google Ads. I can honestly say that the team at First Aid Pro are one of the most professional and hard-working teams I have ever worked with. They're a company that you can believe in, a company that will do whatever it takes to deliver the best results possible for their students.

Client Profile

First Aid Pro is one of Australia’s largest accredited first aid training and CPR course providers. They offer the fastest same-day certificates in the country, with dozens of locations across Australia. First Aid Pro has a range of first aid courses for adults, children and carers. Offering certificates in both CPR and First Aid training, with each certificate meeting nationally recognised standards.

The Challenge

As one of the most renowned training providers in Australia, my client offers a wide range of courses. From CPR training to childcare first aid, they’ve got it all. What they needed was a website that captured the breadth of their services, and incorporated a better booking system. The initial website failed to provide a comprehensive list of First Aid Pro courses. As a result, customers were failing to see the full scope of learning opportunities available to them.

Above all else, First Aid Pro is committed to teaching its students. To offering top-tier first aid knowledge and training. To provide easy access to the information they need the most. Their website, however, wasn’t getting them any closer to this goal. In fact, it was holding them back. Several customers had complained that they struggled to find the information they were looking for on the existing site. There wasn’t enough online information to answer every query and address every concern.

The main goals of this project were to:
• Clearly lay out the company’s service offerings, and
• Provide ample information to ease the customer’s user experience

Our Solution

First Aid Pro wanted all its available courses to be plainly laid out on the home landing page. To do that, I added a services grid template using a WordPress template. I assigned a box on the grid to each course and included brief descriptions for every single one. I also added links to the courses’ enrolment pages to facilitate customer sign-ups. Finally, I wanted to make sure that this grid was easy to update in the event the client introduced new courses. To that end, I transferred the site to Kinsta, a WordPress management tool. Kinsta offers lightning-fast speeds and 24/7 support, making maintenance a breeze.

Next, I had to ensure that the site’s information could answer all client enquiries. The first step in achieving that goal was adding more resources. I created an FAQ section with some of the questions First Aid Pro received most often from customers. I included this section at the bottom of the home page, making it easy to find. I also added a dedicated blog page to the website, along with informative articles on first aid training. With these resources, customers would have a better shot at finding the information they were seeking.

The Payoff

First Aid Pro reported much higher levels of satisfaction with the new layout of the course. Want to talk about Course Provider Marketing for your business? Contact Josiah’s LinkedIn account for a one on one session.

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