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The Link to SEO Success: Determining the Value of a Backlink

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If you’ve built a website for your business, then you’re already most likely familiar with SEO and its importance to gaining online success. Of course, it should be a priority to work towards making your site rank higher in search results through web design, link building, and other strategies, but did you know that it’s also crucial to mind the value of your backlinks?

Are Your Backlinks Valuable Enough?

While ranking on Google already helps boost the credibility of your website, it’s not always enough. If you want to ensure that google treats your website as a trusted source of information, you’d want to receive a vote of confidence from other sites through backlinks.

There’s no denying that backlinks are essential to SEO as they indicate that your content is deemed valuable by another resource. However, you must keep in mind that not all backlinks are valuable. As Neil Patel shared on his website, high-quality backlinks are intrinsically beneficial for domain authority and SEO rankings. 

When it comes to link-building, you don’t want to build a relationship with a spam website—what you should aim for is to build your rankings on meaningful and relevant links back to your site. But, how do you even determine the quality of your backlinks?

The Factors of a Valuable Backlink

Although backlinks are proven to help your rankings, they can also do the complete opposite. When looking at potential backlinks for your website, make sure to consider the following factors that can influence a backlink’s value:

Page Authority (PA)

The domain or page authority will determine the value of a link. A popular blog with high web traffic will have a high ranking to boost your order. The website’s ranking will greatly affect how strong the backlink is and if building a relationship with the said website will do good for your business.

If the website isn’t ranking, they probably don’t have any authority, so targeting them for a backlink isn’t worth it.


Aside from the website’s ranking, it’s also essential to read their content and determine whether they’re high quality or not. If their content isn’t keyword focused and doesn’t build on your web page’s knowledge, then it wouldn’t be that valuable of a backlink.

Your backlink must flow with the context and must not look out of place. When you mislead users, you won’t achieve your SEO goals or add credibility to your website.

Position of a Link

The website you’re targeting for a backlink may have high-quality, relevant content, but are their links positioned higher up or lower on the page? Yes, even the position of a link matters—the wrong positioning can hurt your site, leading to negative repercussions.

If you don’t want to be seen as an advertising link, you must avoid being placed in the footer or on a website’s sidebar.


When it comes to improving your search engine rankings, you can’t forget about backlinks! However, keep in mind that not every link is made equal—some are more valuable than others. To boost your credibility and improve your rankings, make sure to work with a reputable SEO agency that can help you determine valuable backlinks.
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