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I'm a content marketer with a background in journalism. I've been helping businesses get more increase their conversions by writing compelling copy that sells. From top-of-funnel content that builds brand awareness to SEO copywriting services that improve your search engine visibility − I've done it all.

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Helping Businesses Tell Compelling Stories Using SEO Copywriting‏‏‎‎

I first began my career in journalism. Having worked for The Australia Times for two years, I developed a thirst for marketing after having been accidentally exposed to it by a friend. 10 years later, my thirst still hasn’t been quenched.


I’ve been fortunate enough to publish over 1,000 news articles. As an editor-in-chief, managing a team of 30+ writers, I understand the importance of content marketing in today’s age.

I go beyond ensuring your content is read by search engine bots. I also delve into your website’s metadata, alt-tags, h-tags, and page loads to ensure you’re fully optimised for SEO.

I’m certified in Google Search, Google Display, and Google App advertising. Having run a portfolio of $4 million. Aside from that, I have years of experience running Facebook ads.

What clients say...

Andrew Koulouris
Andrew Koulouris
Simple Property Lending
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JRR Marketing delivered a great product and the collaboration is likely to continue. With helpful expertise and a team of seasoned professionals, their team was able to create a seamless process. Overall, their partnership resulted in an admirable client experience.
Elliot Ramsay
Elliot Ramsay
Blue Water Physio
Read More
Josiah has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He provided an unbeatable strategy and a website that is as good as any national competitor. I find that he’s very helpful in general, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their online marketing.
Tara Todras-Whitehill
Tara Todras-Whitehill
TaraTW Visual Storytelling
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I reached out to Josiah because I wasn't sure how to deal with hiring new employees. He gave me insightful ideas and solutions to key hiring issues. Josiah’s deep knowledge of digital marketing helped me to move forward with my business in order to take it to the next level.
Joanne Dickenson
Joanne Dickenson
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I have been working with Josiah for a few months now and he has been such a tremendous help to me as my digital marketing consultant. He’s very knowledgeable in digital marketing and knows exactly which strategies work best for me. I’m really enjoying working with him.
David Rigbye
David Rigbye
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Josiah knows his stuff and is great to work with! Very knowledgeable when it comes to PPC - looking forward to continuing to work with him!
Peter Newsome
Peter Newsome
Read More
We manage quite a lot of accounts. We hired Josiah to take a look at the account and see what we could do to improve it. Josiah was able to reduce our CPA costs by 50% in less than 4 weeks. I would highly recommend Josiah if you're looking for a true Google Ads specialist that can make a difference to your ad performance.
Ally Kotwica
Ally Kotwica
Test Geek
Read More
I wanted to write this testimonial because I think that Josiah is an exceptional digital marketer. He really knows what he's talking about when it comes to CRO and is so easy to talk to. I was really taken aback with the insights he provided and I'm excited that we're implementing his strategies into our website to increase our sales!

SEO Copywriting with Predictable Growth

I’ll do all the preliminary work to ensure your marketing content is always complete. If you have any other diagrams, infographics, or other requests that need completing, I can do that too!

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I’m a freelance copywriter who specialises in crafting content for businesses in a variety of industries. I have experience writing about finance, law, manufacturing, health care, education, technology and entertainment.

All you need is a little help fleshing out your content? I’m an experienced editor and journalist. Reach out to see if I’m available to work on whatever you’ve written, including bringing it to life by adding the right tone and message.

The best way to build a social media following is by writing engaging content and posting it to social networks. I can take a look at your existing content and provide guidance on where to go.

Over the years, I’ve managed multiple SEO teams. I know what it takes to publish the right content that’ll get results.

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Questions I Get Asked A Lot About My Freelance SEO Copywriting Service

Copywriting is the art of writing text that promotes your business. It can be anything from brochures to websites, letters to print ads, Google AdWords and articles. We specialise in SEO copywriting services. This helps purposely increase your Google rankings with web content.

The ability to write is common, but writing well is not. There’s a difference between just putting words on paper and writing engaging copy that will make people want to read it. Hiring a marketing copywriter to take care of your content is like hiring someone to paint your house. If you did it yourself, it would take longer and you wouldn’t have the skills necessary to do a good job.

The time it takes to complete a project depends on a number of things – the size and complexity of the project; how quickly you want it; what information you can supply and how quickly you can supply it; and my team’s workload at the time.

Providing us with as much information and material as possible will help us better understand what you’re looking for and produce the most effective end result. Background information about your company and previous advertising or promotional material is required.

I don’t usually offer face-to-face meetings in my quotes unless you’re briefing a very large and complex project. Ordinarily, it’s much easier, quicker and cheaper if we communicate by phone or email instead. If you’d like to reach out to me, you can find me on LinkedIn here.