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The Importance of Link Building to Your SEO Strategy

Link building

Most of you probably know the importance of SEO strategy to increase your business’s website traffic. Aside from increasing traffic, SEO became an integral part of every business because it can also bring valuable sales, returns, and conversions. If you haven’t explored SEO yet but want to give it a try, you should start to learn about proper SEO and website optimisation strategies first. 

After learning about SEO strategy and website optimisation, there’s another helpful strategy to optimise your SEO further. If you haven’t heard about link building, now is the perfect time to learn about it. 

In this article, we will help you understand the importance of link building for your SEO strategies. 

What Is Link Building? 

Let’s define what link building is. According to Moz, link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.  In simple words, it’s how other websites link your website to their content or vice versa. Link building makes it easier for users to navigate through different web pages on the internet. It’s like a referral approach from one website to another, increasing the referrer site’s authority. Meaning, if the user clicks the link from your website, your website will have a higher chance of getting the top ranking in search engine results, and the external link you refer to will gain more website traffic. 

If you plan to apply link building to your website, make sure you only get relevant hyperlinks because it greatly affects your search results ranking. That is because Google can determine if the link is healthy or unnatural. If you use unfair tactics, Google can ban your site from search results.

How Can Link Building Affect Your SEO?

Part of improving your web content and attracting customers is applying SEO. If you have a well-planned SEO strategy, your business’s website will rank high on search engines. If you want to make your SEO more effective, you should try link building. 

Links are a signal to Google that your website is a quality source. If another website has linked to your site, Google will determine that your site is worthy of citation. As a result, Google will put you on the top search results, and you’ll end up with higher rankings. 

To make link building more effective for your SEO strategy, you should link websites with a higher domain authority than your site. This way, your content will have more impact, resulting in more chances of ranking high. 

How Can You Make Other Websites Link to You?

Organic link building may be challenging, but there are ways to make other websites link to you. You can create quality, compelling, and unique content, ask for relevant links from your friends and partners, ask for mentions and reviews or utilise a link outreach service. Just always remember that your content should be relevant to encourage others to link to your site. 


As a business owner, you need to extend your efforts to make your website known to your audience. No matter how well-designed your website is or how well-written your content is, it will not be visible to your audience if you don’t have any SEO strategy in place. Link building is just another way to make your SEO more effective, so ensure that you utilise it properly to add more benefits for your business. 

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