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Why You Need Long-Tail Keywords in Your SEO Strategy in 2021

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It hasn’t been that long since SEO agencies determined that long-tailed keywords are one of the best SEO strategies that brands can use. Some think that they won’t bring much traffic. However, even if that were the case, they could still significantly increase conversions as they are indicative of a more specific search from users who are already motivated to find your content or your products.

But you might be wondering if it still holds in 2021. Well, very much so! If you want to know why, you should keep on reading as JRR Marketing shares with you why long-tail keywords may be the secret to improving your strategies and boosting traffic to your site:

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Long-Tail Keywords

There are five significant reasons long-tail keywords should still be a part of your SEO strategies in 2021:

Reason #1: There’s Not Much Competition

It would be a lot easier for you to rank for long-tailed keywords simply because there’s relatively low competition. When you use long-tail keywords for promotion, you can expect to get to higher rankings in search results in less time than you usually would, even with less effort too.

Reason #2: You’ll Get a Higher Attendance

As the years pass, Google search is embracing personalization more and more. For instance, if two friends search for the same word, they’ll likely get different results. That is because Google factors things like the location of the user, age, gender, and other personal preferences. More specific keyword phrases will allow you to bypass such screening and will enable you to reach a wider audience with your content.

Reason #3: You’ll Get More Conversions

One of the things that set the use of long-tail keywords apart from others is that it allows you to rank for precise searches from people who already know what they want to find. Because of this, you can enjoy a higher conversion percentage. For example, if someone searches for “animal party balloons for sale in the Gold Coast” and they get to your landing page because that’s your business, it’s more likely that they’ll purchase from you because that’s precisely what they want.

Reason #4: They Offer High-Frequency Query Coverage

Long-tail keywords usually contain popular shorter keywords, so not only will you be ranking for those long-tail ones but also for the high-frequency queries. You get a higher rating that can result in a significant increase in your organic traffic as well.

Reason #5: It Improves Your Personalization Strategy

When choosing your key phrases, you can focus on popular searches made by your target audience. Because many long-tail keywords include data on age, gender, or interests, they offer better personalization than short key phrases. For example, instead of the words ‘birthday gifts,’ the long-tail key phrase ‘birthday gifts for 7-year-old girls’ offers improves personalization and is more likely to get you a higher conversion rate, too.


These are just some of the reasons long-tail keywords are considered necessary in 2021. And with the benefits they’re offering, it’s unlikely that their relevance would fade anytime soon.

As a business, you want to be working with an SEO company in Gold Coast that knows the value of long-tail keywords and the role it plays in the success of your SEO and content marketing strategies.

JRR Marketing is a team of SEO experts in Gold Coast that you can trust to know the latest digital marketing trends that can help your business. It is our goal to breathe new life into your website and bring you more traffic and a higher conversion rate. Contact us today to know how we can do it for you!

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