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OnTrack Tasmania

OnTrack Tasmania helps Tasmanians on the NDIS get equal access to employment, housing and community activities.


NDIS Provider

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NDIS Marketing Results

When OnTrack Tasmania needed a more accessible website, they got exactly that. The client reported extreme satisfaction with the easy-to-use interface and even received comments from staff members complimenting the new mobile-friendly design. The company saw a 43% increase in leads generated, a 12% jump in ad CTR rates, and a 25% decrease in bounce rates after the website

Client Profile

OnTrack Tasmania helps Tasmanians on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They aid in providing equal access to employment, housing, and community activities. They specialise in non-traditional disabilities and supported independent living (SIL) support.

The Challenge

When you work in a specialised area, you likely work for clients with specialised needs. This means that NDIS marketing strategy for your clients requires extra attention and care. Take it from OnTrack Tasmania, an NDIS provider serving clients with various types of mild to severe disabilities. Because they assist such a unique client base, they needed a unique website. Their existing one wasn’t measuring up. It lacked clarity, cohesion, and most importantly, accessibility. OnTrack Tasmania had dedicated its work to promoting accessibility. It was time to put their money where their mouth was.

The main goals of this project were to:

• Create an aesthetic and accessible website design,
• Improve clients’ industry knowledge, and
• Promote the brand’s overall online presence.

Our Solution

When OnTrack Tasmania came to me, I couldn’t wait to help them reach their goals. And I knew exactly where to start.

Since the client wanted a straightforward web design, I kept only a basic services grid on the home page. To make the site accessible, I included large text across the site, which was easy to read, even for the visually impaired. I also included alternative (ALT) text for each photo on the site. Finally, my team ensured a mobile-friendly web design, so the site would be accessible on many types of devices.

With so many moving parts, the NDIS can be tricky to understand. But understanding the NDIS is essential to make the most of the plan. To boost clients’ industry knowledge, they needed online resources that were clear and informative. In creating the website, I wrote copy that was simple, succinct, and easy to understand. I also created a “Latest News and Articles” page to showcase the client’s blog posts. These articles informed clients of industry changes, offered tips on accessible living, and provided tools for family members.

I needed to find a way to highlight the full scope of OnTrack Tasmania’s online presence. To that end, I included links to the company’s various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) in the website’s footer. This way, users could easily access the organisation’s socials at any time – no matter which web page they were on. Encouraging users to visit their other web platforms was the first step in creating a more engaged online followership.

The Payoff

OnTrack Tasmania needed a more accessible website – and that’s exactly what they got. The client reported extreme satisfaction with the easy-to-use interface. They even received comments from staff members complimenting the new mobile-friendly design.

Following the website launch, they also reported stellar traffic increases of 300%. They also saw a 43% increase in leads generated, 12% increase in ad CTR rates, and 25% decrease in bounce rates.

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