Discover How This Household Name Skyrocketed Their Leads By 4X

Amazing SEO and PPC wins for this household brand you know and love.

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This was both a challenging and rewarding project working alongside a household name brand here in Australia. After working with First Aid Pro over several months, we saw some campaigns generate unbelievable 4X performance increases. The average conversion value improved by a further 62% (MoM) based on two new website redesigns that were deployed based on best SEO and CRO practices.

Client Profile

First Aid Pro is one of Australia’s largest accredited first aid training and CPR course providers. They offer the fastest same-day certificates in the country, with dozens of locations across Australia. First Aid Pro has a range of first aid courses for adults, children and carers. Offering certificates in both CPR and First Aid training, with each certificate meeting nationally recognised standards.

The Challenge

As one of the most renowned RTO CPR providers in Australia, First Aid Pro is certainly well known for anyone looking to get certified in CPR. The client first came to me seeking out some help because they were facing massive SEO performance drops. Sales were at a surprising all-time low. Seeing as they have a unique location website in nearly every major city in Australia, the upfront issues were around cannibalisation and the fact that they were competing against themselves on the Google Search (SERP). Here are a list of some of the key challenges:

  • Several of their websites had low word counts.
  • Some pages were not optimised for a wide range of eligible keywords.
  • Due to updates, there were a large number of 404 pages not being redirected.
  • There were a large number of truncating metadata and cannibalising keywords.
  • The Google Ads account appeared poorly managed by other agencies.

My Solution

Through my initial marketing audit of their website, I revealed a large number of under-optimised web pages across their national and local websites. As I knew this needed immediate attention, I developed a detailed action plan on how to improve their traffic, conversion rates and overall ROI from their multiple websites. I was then commissioned to start with a website planning session to provide a list of actionable recommendations on how to structure their new website designs while following best practices for SEO and CRO. The next challenge was to address their Google Ads performance. As I reviewed their account, I uncovered several thousands of dollars in ad wastage which were in dire need to attention. After the Google Ads audit, I spent approximately 4-5 sessions fixing the account issues to turn it around completely.

The Payoff

In just weeks of partnering together, First Aid Pro was ready to relaunch their first SEO-optimised website for their Perth brand, followed by Adelaide and Brisbane. As I rolled out their new ad campaigns, I saw a dramatic 4X increase in overall sales and bookings across the board. I also managed to help them by:

  • Drastically reduced the number of toxic backlinks across multiple sites
  • Improved organic rankings with revamped metadata and injected keywords
  • Confidently improved the lead conversion value by a whopping 62% MoM
  • Completely redesigned two website style templates for their local branches
  • Assisted marketing team to create new workflows for 25+ staff members