Here’s How a Tasmanian NDIS Provider Went From $0 To $3 Million in 3 Years with NDIS Marketing.

OnTrack Tasmania helps Tasmanians on the NDIS get equal access to employment, housing and community activities.


Increase in Revenue


Increased in Leads


Decreased Bounces


Increased Traffic


After identifying the key issues and carving out a path for success in the NDIS space, within 12 months the client saw incredible returns. The newly designed website that I created for the brand led to an increase of 43% more leads YoY. The paid search (PPC) performance went from a mere 4.3% CTR to a 12% jump. And the overall bounce rates decreased by a massive 25%.

Client Profile

OnTrack Tasmania helps Tasmanians on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). They aid in providing equal access to employment, housing, and community activities. They specialise in non-traditional disabilities and supported independent living (SIL) support.

The Challenge

OnTrack first came to me wanting a website in order to generate new NDIS referrals and leads. This is a common goal most clients have, especially at the beginning. Unbeknownst to the client, I knew that PPC and SEO played a significant factor in the way that they were to unlock online visibility. The main challenges the client faced were:

  • They weren’t generating enough referrals through the website.
  • They felt their brand was relatively little known in the area.
  • They had a low domain rating compared to other NDIS competitors.
  • The Google Ads account was nearly non-existent, needing much love.
  • Several of their web pages were not optimised for a wide range of keywords.
  • Their website footer was lacking internal links to important pages.
  • The website’s keyword targeting lacked direction and website planning.

My Solution

Based on the client’s expectations versus what was required, I knew exactly where to start. We began with a full marketing audit to see where the client was in their journey and how far they were from reaching their goals (gaps in online visibility).

After the audit, I proceeded to help the client with a new website structure based on profitable keywords, followed by in-depth copywriting and UI plan for each of the core web pages. Given the target market and the client‘s request for a straightforward web design, I structured the website to drive relevant traffic and convert them over time. The goal was to increase referrals and also increase downloads for a free info pack.

The tricky part was to ensure the web pages were not competing against each other (keyword cannibalisation) while also compelling people into submitting their personal details in exchange for a downloadable file. The reason why is because each page had the same call-to-action, making it tricky in terms of SEO with avoiding duplicate content.

The Payoff

Following the new strategic marketing direction, OnTrack reported stellar results. With a whopping 300% increase in average MoM traffic and 43% more leads over the course of 12 months. I managed to partner with them to solve a lot of the semantic problems they were facing by utilising SEO management over time. I managed to optimise their keyword usage with in-depth strategic mapping to avoid cannibalisation. Huge wins all round!