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How an NBN Teleco Got 2000+ Leads In Less Than 7 Days with Telecom Marketing

Despite specialising in technology, the company’s bare-bones website left something to be desired. It was time to transform this lifeless jumble of words into a high-performing marketing vehicle.

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Telecom Marketing Results

NBNCheck’s new website is improving the brand’s online presence and credibility. A 42% boost in conversion rates and 117% increase in traffic are just a few of the many promising impacts that this website has made for NBNCheck. NBNCheck's website has now been designed to provide an all-encompassing brand experience for their customers. With a cleaner, fresher, more vibrant look, NBNCheck is increasing their customer service and satisfaction levels by providing them with the best possible user experience.

Client Profile

NBNCheck is a free service that can provide you with all the information you need to know about nbn™ services and technologies. It is targeted at property developers where they can use it to find out what speeds they will be able to receive, how many people will be connected, and what technology type was used.

The Challenge

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with a website. It has all the relevant information and the sections you need to get your point across. But you may find that it still isn’t performing the way you’d like it to.

NBNCheck was struggling with this exact issue when they came to me for help. Their website didn’t look the way they wanted to generate enough leads. It didn’t communicate the brand’s new product offering in an accurate, captivating way. With few leads being generated, their revenues were floundering.

The main goals of this project were to:

• Improve the general aesthetic of the web design,
• Strengthen the brand’s credibility, and
• Increase lead conversions

Our Solution

The first step was creating a more aesthetically pleasing web layout for their landing page. The initial landing page was colourless and dull, neglecting the company’s vibrant identity. The imagery consisted mainly of free stock photography, which felt impersonal and generic. To overcome these hurdles, I scrapped the entire design and started from scratch. I incorporated brighter colours – predominantly orange – to liven up the online space. I also swapped out the photos with the company’s images and paid stock photography. These new photos were more rarely used, giving the website a unique and refreshing feel.

NBNCheck wanted to portray themselves as the reputable industry leader they worked so hard to become. They had the dedication and wanted the recognition to match. Fortunately, I had creative solutions designed to meet this exact need. I started by creating a designated space on the website’s home page for all their client logos. This provided site visitors with a visual showcase of past brands they worked with. My team also included client testimonials in another section of the home page. With this section, users were able to hear directly from former clients about why the company is so fantastic. All these strategies fostered a strong sense of credibility across the website. The more credible NBNCheck appears the more likely users will convert into paying customers.

Speaking of conversions, I executed many telecom marketing strategies to reach the client’s goal on this front. First, I encouraged the client to create an offer that my team could highlight across the site. Together, we decided that the offer would be a free report that featured informative insights on the nbn™ status of their property. We added call-to-actions (CTAs) for this deal across the entire website. Doing this helped nudge users one step further down the conversion path.

The Payoff

Fresh, vibrant, high-converting – these are just a few of the ways you could describe NBNCheck’s new website. Not only are the visuals much better, but the brand’s credibility is now well-represented. According to NBNCheck, this credibility is boosting customer interest levels and conversion rates by 42%. The traffic increased by 117% over 90 days. Many new clients have listed the testimonials as enticing factors when exploring the website. We managed to run some really POWERFUL Google Ads campaigns for the client, resulting in over 2000 leads for a CPL of $1.70.

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